Attendance Management

Live real-time attendance data: Instant access to parents and management

No manual work
Real-time data
Attendance reports
Instant notification/SMS for absent

Mark attendance in 30 seconds

Quick attendance marking on App

Face recognition attendance

Mark attendance through wireless face recognition device

RFID based attendance system

Use student I-card for attendance in-out through RFID

Bio-metric attendance

Mostly preferred for staff attendance

ClassMentor School Attendance Management System

1. Manual App or Web based Attendance

This has wide options of marketing attendance class/subject wise based on school preference. In this option concerned teachers can use their Mobile App account or web account to mark attendance. It hardly takes 30 seconds to complete attendance of a class. It has smart options to record attendance by tapping on student name who’s absent. Also there’s an option to mark with absent roll number.

This is an instant attendance recording option where parents can instantly check on their App about their child’s present/absent status.

This is one of the smartest student attendance system and is widely preferred by schools.

2. Machine based smart attendance system

This is widely preferred attendance system in today’s time. It’s used for both students and staff attendance tracking. We have special integration of modern wireless attendance machines on our platform to provide seamless and real-time experience to educational organisations.

MyClassCampus Machine attendance system provides three options:

  1. RFID attendance
  2. Face-recognition attendance
  3. Bio-metric attendance

Based on need and preferences school or institute can choose any of the options available. Apart from giving real-time data of in-out reports, ClassMentor has direct synchronisation of student class attendance to automate complete student attendance management and save time. It doesn’t only save time and give real-time data but also provides important security to school management and parents about their child’s availability in the school campus and leaving time.

3. QR based attendance system

This is a smart attendance system to track real-time in-out time of students at an educational institute. It’s mostly preferred by small institutes who don’t want to install attendance machine. In this option, institute can print unique QR code on student I-card which can be scanned while student arrive/leave from class.

The benefit of Using ClassMentor Biometric Attendance Software

1. Easily allocate shifts and timings:
Many at times, have been a mix up of staff shift allocation and timings especially in the case of allocating teachers and classrooms, exam duties and the likes, irrespective of how near perfect the planning had been. But with these next generation biometric systems, absent staff and teachers can easily be replaced to ensure that the system functions smoothly without any disruptions in the everyday tasks and activities.

Numerous now and again, have been a mistake of staff move assignment and timings particularly on account of allotting instructors and classrooms, exam obligations and the preferences, independent of how close impeccable the arranging had been. However, with these cutting edge biometric frameworks, missing staff and instructors can undoubtedly be supplanted to guarantee that the framework capacities easily with no disturbances in the regular undertakings and exercises.

2. Seamless integration with backend software:
Most of these systems are capable of integrating the staff or student attendance captured using biometric machine or RFID system seamlessly in less than a day.Moreover, since the biometric integration in schools is either Wi-Fi or SIM based, the data can easily be transferred to a server using the internet. This can help in creating a centralized attendance database system that can be easily accessed.

3. Improved security:
The National Policy of Children, 1974, declared children as “Supreme National Asset”. A student becomes a school’s responsibility the moment they enter the premises. Guaranteeing the safety of its students not only brings peace of mind to the school management and parents, but also builds the institution’s goodwill in the market as well improves school-parent relationships. When you know that a particular school is proactively concerned about the safety of its students, more parents would be willing to enroll their children into that institution. Moreover, they also act as an access control system, ensuring that only authorized personnel with valid biometric credentials/RFID cards can gain access, thereby creating a fully secured school campus.

4. Easy and accurate payroll processing:
With these new age biometric systems, the attendance of students and staff can be easily tracked. Staff payroll can be easily and automatically generated by integrating the biometrics to the concerned HR or Payroll processing department. It can help ensure the accurate and reliable calculation of employee work hours, overtimes, leaves and holidays, with minimal effort.

Attendance in-out Report
Attendance Summary Report

Frequently Asked Questions

Through Mobile SIM Card or Wi-Fi, for an education institute LAN connection is challenging to arrange for machine and spare specific place for the same.

Yes, with the integration of machine with MYCC an institute can get daily report of Punch In & Punch Out report of Staff enroll in there shift.

In case machine is reported not working then during the warranty period it will repaired it.

In case machine is reported not working then during the warranty period it will repaired it.