Record Management

This module automates the day-to-day operations of the front office management of your hospital. It helps the operator in assisting patient with accurate information and efficiently handles all patient related enquiries. With advanced search utilities and excellent features, it improves the quality of services facilitated to the user. This module manages:-
Appointment Scheduler, Patient Registration(IPD & OPD), Generate Patient ID Card, Bed Allotment, Admission Detail, Demographic Detail, Lab Test Allocation, Charge Detail, Billing & Payment, Discharge Detail, OT Booking, Referral Management, Consent Forms, Insurance Claims, Blood Donor Registration, Search Blood Bag information

Outpatient Management

This module is actually an entry point to schedule an appointment with the Doctor for any kind of diagnosis or consultations required. This module enables doctors to take better patient care and timely diagnosis & treatment decisions by providing quick access to patient’s information. Patient visits are divided into New and Revisit. New requests and results of laboratory tests and other examinations can also be managed through this module. This module manages:-
Visit Detail, Diagnosis Detail, Patient Appointments, Clinical Service Detail, Test and Investigation Reporting, Outpatient Medical Observation Details, Appointment Scheduling / Rescheduling Facility, Diagnosis and Treatment, History Vaccine Charts

Inpatient Management

This module manages the patient’s admission & transfer functions. It automates the day-to-day administrative activities and provides an easy access to other modules for a better and instant patient care. It provides instant access pertaining to admission of patient, availability of beds, Collection of advance, Billing, Emergency admission, transfer of patient from one ward to the other and so on. This module manages:-
Patient Admission, Bed Status View, Patient Room Shifting, Discharge Summary, Pre and Post operative diagnosis, Test and Investigation Reporting, Operation Theatre Scheduling, Diagnosis and Treatment History, IP Medical Observation

Pharmacy Management

This module automates general workflow and administration management process of pharmacy to improve accuracy, efficiency and safety. It also accesses the doctor prescription to a patient and so drug issuance becomes faster and reliable.
It handles well the outpatients, inpatients, departmental issuance and general outpatient’s requisitions.
This module includes:-
Suppliers / Vendors registration, Manufacturers entry provision, Provision to add medicine category,
Purchase management, Stock management, Sales management, Internal department issuance of drugs, Vendor payment and voucher generation, Alerts facility on minimum or zero stock reached and on medicine expiry, Provision to store drugs stored box serial numbers, Drug expiry control, Provision to accept return of medicines by patients, Provision to return medicine to vendor

Laboratory Management

This module automates the process of raising investigation request and delivering the results to the concerned department/doctor of the hospital. The process involved is specimen sample collection, requisite test and results entry. Lab technicians can always track the samples and know the status. If any lab test required to be done on urgent basis as requested from doctors, system will alert the lab and they can carry out the investigation. This module manages:-
Provision to add lab test group and subgroups, Provision to add reference range for each test, category wise, Provision to add sample types and lab units being used, Create Profiles and packages for Particular tests, Instant Test Allocation, Provision to add collected sample detail, Easy creation of lab reports

Operation Theatre Management

This module allows registering all operation theatres in Hospital and booking them in advance if any request comes. It also manages operation types, anesthesia type, Equipment details in OT including their usage charge and so on. Also, we can search patients who have gone through any operation / surgery and get their details like operation date, operation type, operation room number and surgeon.

Blood Bank Management

This module is a comprehensive solution for blood bank, maintaining all information regarding the blood donation. This module is well linked with other modules, OT and Ward wherein any requirement of blood may arise during surgeries etc. That is known to blood bank and can keep the bag ready for the issuance. This module manages:-
Registration of Blood Donors, Receiving Blood or Donation, Setting up the blood bag number and expiry date, Instant search of required blood group and issue to patient

Emergency / Casualty Management

In this module a small patient registration form is available which is quick and easy. Responding to the criticality of the situation, our application lets the user to register a patient with minimal details so as to start the procedure fast. It has a provision to store details about condition of patient during arrival. It also allows moving a patient from emergency area to wards.