Financial Accounting

This module is designed to handle various types of accounting processes happening in the hospital whose entries are created by users within the CVHMIS system. It covers all features from all incomes, expenses, purchases, ledgers and other books of accounts as a standard accounting process. This module includes: -
Cash/Bank, Receipt/Payments, Journal voucher entry, General ledger etc. can be created. It generates reports like Profit & Loss, Trail Balance, Balance sheet etc. Daily, weekly, quarterly and monthly financial statements. Books like Cashbook, Bankbook and Ledger can be generated. Keep track of the account receivable and revenue related activities. Provision to clear vendor/supplier invoice.


This module tracks all services that patient has gone through and charges been levied and generates an automated billing as per those services. Other service charges can also be levied as per hospital norms and can be included in the final bill. This module includes:-
Provision to add service charges of Hospital, Tax master that may be required to include in billing, Inpatient and Outpatient cash and credit billing, Advance collection utility, Authorize billing and immediate claim request process in case of insurance patient and collection of cash otherwise, Provision to search old bills with easy search strings like patient name, mobile no., emaild-ID and so on

Staff, HR & Payroll Management

This module allows registering each and every staff members of the hospital. Also, the consultant doctors can be registered here with a separate block of consultants. Easy retrieval of Staff Members with the help of various search strings like Staff Name, phone number, email ID, staff code etc. This module includes:-
Provision to manage and view Departments and Staff Designations, Provision to add Staff Type and Specializations, Provision to set staff timings includes Doctors, Easy and instant search utility to search staff members, Creation of Salary structure, pay calculation, printing of salary slips, salary certificates, PF statements and so on. Other activities like appointing staff, maintaining their database including their bio-data, fixing allowances and deductions, appraisal letters, Loan and advances, termination process etc. Employee documents like Photograph, ID card, Address proof, Passport, municipality documents, agreements etc can be scanned and attached in the software.

Leave and Attendance Management

This module completely manages Staff presence and their leave records in the hospital. This module includes: -
Provision to set type & number of leaves and pre-approved holidays. Provision to submit leave request and check its status. Management has option to approve or decline any leave request.

Admin & Payment Security

This module deals with security by managing / controlling the access to various modules and sub-modules available in the software. It also deals with the other secured parameters like importing database, ICD integration database etc. This module includes: -
Provision to Create / manage users. Import medicines database utility, helpful for pharmacy. Provision to allocate role to the respective user. Create and manage ICD codes for diagnosis. Provision to create / manage roles and assigning privileges and permission of information to the corresponding role.