Institute Management

Institute Management is the heart of the Class Mentor . It’s a dynamic and robust module to set the base of an institute’s structure. It provides step by step actions to do basic infrastructure setup of an institute with primary settings.

It’s designed to help institutes configure their basic setups as quickly as possible with a variety of dynamic use-cases covered to solve a lot of key problems associated with managing educational organizations.

It’s highly suitable for small institutes, groups of schools, colleges or groups of educational institutes.

It covers six important sections

Account details:

These details are important information/details about the institute with key parameters settings. It needs to be configured once when signing up for an institute on the Class Mentor platform.

It covers basic “About us” information of the institute with important details, images, brochure, reference video, social media page links etc. This information is accessed by users in the About us section on the mobile app account of users.

It also covers sub institute details if the school or institute is having multiple branches. It shows user balance and other balances of all the institutes to plan additional access purchases.

It covers the “Master Setup” module to define different user roles as per the institute requirements. It has a detailed user field module to choose role wise fields to maintain users data. It gives default field options to choose fields as well as an option to create custom fields.

It has a lot of configuration settings, field sequence settings, master fields settings, user id code generation settings, SMS templates etc to help institutes use the platform optimally as per their requirements.

Institute Setup:

As Class Mentor platform is designed to help educational organizations go fully digital, it remains an important platform for institutes to maintain year on year data of their institute activities.

It covers year management, department management, standards/grades creation, classroom creation, subject creation(compulsory/elective) and subject lab creation. It gives flexibility to create standards/grades based on institute structure under different departments. It gives options to set class teachers and subject teachers as per plans of the institute.

It has an option to create user groups to add different stakeholders like teachers, admin staff, parents etc in different groups for communication.

User Management:

It’s an important section to add/edit/access/ban/remove users of the system. It gives an option to add users based on roles through single entry or bulk upload. It has a dynamic feature to access role wise user data with multiple filters. It gives direct access to a detailed use profile.

It has options to export user data through User report. It gives options to create filtered data templates to export required data on a single click.

Rights Management Settings:

Power of a system comes with its ability to allow required access and stop unwanted access based on users. Considering the need for a wide variety of access rights requirements of educational organizations, Class Mentor has designed an in depth rights management system to configure it as per their requirements. It has role wise access settings as well as group wise access settings to cover a variety of use cases.

It brings an extremely efficient environment to run the system in a highly collaborative manner while at the same time maintain data access limitations to meet business goals.

Bulk registration:

This is designed to meet the need of sending login access credentials to students/parents when an institute doesn’t want to ask them to signup on the platform.It’s a need based module to meet specific requirements of sending login credentials for new users to ease their system access.

Global import:

It’s designed to import standard academic classroom/subject and lesson planning structures widely followed in a region to save time of custom creation and quickly implement the system. Based on requirements, we can add standard structures of different education boards/countries to meet specific needs.

Data access of all the stakeholders is available on Class Mentor App as well to ease access and key decision making process. It’s a dynamically designed features to levirate institute management data and information through Mobile App.