Inventory Management

Inventory Management Dashboard

Inventory Management Software

Managing made easy

Admin can create and manage Items (such as Stationery, Uniforms, Books) which institute needs to distribute among students and/or faculties. Add and manage the vendors from who, institutes purchase the items. Admin can also view the vendor history.

Purchase Orders

No need to keep managing the books to maintain purchase orders. Admin can directly note down the Purchase orders in our Institute Management System. Once added admin has the option to Print PDF and view. One can also mark the order as received to directly add them in stock.

Stock and sections

View the list of whole stock in one view, using our Institute Management System. Admin can also view all details of one particular item. Different groups can be created for the distribution of stock. Admin also has the option to create sub-sections. Items can be alloted to the sections or subsections created.

Item management

We provide the feature in our School Administration Software where admin can take in request for the particular items. The rightful authority can decide whether to accept or decline the request. If request is accepted, the amount is automatically deducted from stock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any institute who chooses to maintain the inventory can make use of this module.

Our School Erp provides an option to print and/or only view the purchase order from our Inventory management module.

Any faculty/student who needs a particular item can request for it. Admin can add the request into the system and rightful person can accept or decline the request.

If the request of an item is accepted, the requested number of item will be directly deducted from stock.

Admin has the option to download report in PDF and Excel format.