Library Management

ClassMentor School Management Software aims to provide customers with a platform to improve their student’s literary talent by developing a School Library Management System tool.

Library increase the collective creativity of students, highlighting the library’s perspective to make sense of changing times which can be managed in a better way using the latest technology.

School Library Management System is a part of Institute Management System which focuses on specific issues faced by libraries and its operating professionals/librarians.

Library Management Dashboard

ClassMentor Library management

Manage Books, Racks, Sections

The Library books are classified using the modern day classification scheme. MyClassCampus School Management Software provides users with a listing of all Books available in the Library. It allows searches by keywords, or through several access points like author, title, subject, racks and genre.

The School Library Management System facilitates you to add multiple copies for a single book, so the same can be issued for multiple students at the same time as per the stock available in the library.

Going Digital!! – We also provide option to upload an e-Paper Book for the actual hard copy available in the library. This will enable students to access the books anytime in case of need.

Book Profile can be accessed by the users and students at the time of search using MyClassCampus School Management Software and School Mobile App. This will give an overview to the readers about the type of books available in the library and they can think about which books to refer or issue for their personal usage. Librarians will have ease of access while adding all the database for all books in the library. Instead of making a single book entry multiple times, Librarian can make multiple book entries in a single time.

Barcode Scanner Integration

A Unique Barcode for each book in the library as per the ISBN Book marking standards, which means even multiple copies of the same book will each have a unique barcode. This makes it easier for the Librarian to manage books easily by averting a possible confusion.

A barcode for each book will be generated using the MyClassCampus Institute Management System and can be printed together for multiple books. This will be a sustainable use of resources by not only saving paper usage for printing purpose but even by going digital and saving book record entries in a Library.

The Library books barcode scanning can be used for Issuing or Returning a book, thus saving time in searching the books and avoiding long queues within the Library.

Manage Book Requests

In addition to identifying the availability of a book, MyClassCampus Institute Management System also indicates whether the book is presently available or issued and the expected date of return.MyClassCampus School Administration Software for Library management can be accessed using any PC/Laptop/Smartphone/Tablet across any location.

Manage Book Issue request or Return request easily using only the Mobile number as a reference.

Manage late returned books and assign a late fee charges for such users on a per day basis charges.

Manage Lost/Damaged/Missing books separately and charge the same from the users as a percentage of the Total amount of the Book.

Generate invoices for students for charges paid against late fee charges category.

The charges paid for a missing book can be adjusted from the students as a token amount. The amount charged for a lost book can compensated once found.

Set a book issue limit for all users and days for which they will be allowed to keep the book.

Send Due SMS to students in your own template using MyClassCampus Institute Management System and for how many regular intervals you wish to send the SMS.

Book Reports

Search for various books requests using the Book Request report to keep a track of issue and return dates of all books.

Fine Report to track the amount of paid by students against the late fee return charges, lost or missing book category or damaged category.

The Books report data can be classified on the basis of Student name, Book Title, Author, Subject and Classroom.